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ive spend 1k.

my photography equipment is many folds of that.. but that's another story altogether.

actually... im surprise tho.. this game.. really have tons of pple dumping thousandsss of dollars into it.

BT dont count.. he probably spent 50k already.. there are many angmo or japanese pple or etc etc.. also done few thousand raids.. (not counting the coins they spent on other in game items) + transport fee.. gas (if driving to play the game)

think pogo still the number 1 top grossing apps isnt it. its crazy. lol...
Haha I also spent over $10k for all my photography equipment so this is just a small portion. I'm not so hardcore to spend a 5-digit amount for pogo up to now.

By the way one of my 7km egg hatched an alolan Grimer, it's green instead of white.
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