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Yes is probably my high myopia. Hmm..the shop recommended blue light filter and very high index...i didn't take note which series of Essilor - was already giddy by the high price...that's why i came home and search the forum hoping for some advice

What are the features of the 3 tiers X series? Thanks!
Blue filter/prevencia for essilor cost 100 more. High index probably caused the lens to cost even more.

You can consider using their average tier, Doesnt have to be essilor. E.g. Zeiss precision plus/Asiana, Hoya Dynamic Trueform, Essilor Physio 3.0. These lenses alr cost lesser but of course if your degree is high then no choice must use high index and thus adds on to the lens price.

X series comes in 3 tiers. 1st-Xclusive(certain shops have this as they need to have a special terminal to measure different aspects of you when you are wearing your frame of choice. E.g. how the frame wraps around your face, the tilt of the frame front and. Your Dominant eye, Your reading habit e.g. eye movement or head movement. These will generate a *special code* that will be sent to essilor/lens company and then will design the lens based on that.

2nd-XTrack, Similar to Xclusive excluding the dominant eye test segment.

3rd-Xdesign, The basic tier but still requires the frame sitting measurements.

Based on feedbacks like i mentioned, the lens has not much complaints so far. I'm not being biased to Essilor, So if you have any questions regarding other lens brand, just feel free to ask! Hoya has their High tier lenses e.g. MYstyle , ID PRIME.. Zeiss precision Superb or even their Individual 2.
It all boils down to the level of comfort you would like to achieve and the price which is affected by which type/brand of lenses you get.

Prices are usually affected by 1)Your degree(high index? or normal)
2)type of frame(frameless/Half frame requires a tougher lens quality e.g. Trivex 1.53 or Polycarbonate 1.59/Airwear)
3)Tier of lenses that you want(wide corridor? smooth progression,lesser distortion.

Hope this helps! Feel free to add on if you guys have other tips too!
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