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Managed to speak to the manager in-charge for our case. She told us that we need to obtain the HLE before going down to sign agreement. Which was a total wrong information we gotten from calling the hotlines. For our case which our house will only be ready in 2-3 years times, we need to apply for HLE which will only valid for 6 months. After which when the key collection date is closer then it will be renew again by the loan department. They will remind us and send in renewal application. She also asked me since I have not apply for HLE, then she will not rush the grant department to expedite my case. I told her we want to know how much grant we can get soon, so she will ask the grant department now to expedite on it. Meaning, you can ask the manager who is in-charge of your case to rush for the grant and eventually get the keys earlier. It's hard to get her(for me). I called up the hotlines once to leave down my no. for a call back and I called her direct line 5 times and leave down a voice mail for a call back. She returned call at 6pm yesterday.

With regards to our flooring request, she told me that she needs to check with the building department as they had already purchased the materials though the blocks are still very "raw". We told her our problem and don't mind using whichever the flooring is available so long we can use our CPF to pay for it. She said, fast, get back to us in a week, if not a month or two.

Hopes above information is helpful to others who might have the same issue like us. All the best!
Yea i believe grant can be expedited too. My grant application shows in MyHDB page within 3days after i've booked my unit. Hopefully can get the keys before Hungry Ghost festival... if not.. no need open door liao... lol..
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