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I also just open my alolan account with the meow lol. Taking it slow as I see the alolan as mere pokedex entries and the rewards from 7km egg sucks

You guys are all so active. I can hardly clear one egg in 3 days and only got a meow. Anyone tried trading a lot already?

Is the cp changes drastic? Does it adjust only to the change of iv with minimal change of cp? I heard the level may also change - is it random or is it based on the level of the receiver? If I trf from level 35 to level 38, will a level 32 mon change level and if so, does the level increase due to receiver being level 38?

So much question to ask..., I have a lot of high cp mons that I hope to transfer and gamble for an increase of iv but no point if cp can drastically drop.
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