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Hi All,

thoughts and advice pls?

thinking of a itinerary for solo trip in 2nd week of Oct to Kyushu, Japan.
8-10 Nights. ya, will have JR Pass.

Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Yufu (Beppu)

any thoughts on the above?
Thinking of 3-4 Nights in Kumamoto then 2 Nights in Yufu lastly 3-4 nights in Fukuoka.
Will be staying in Hotels (Kumamoto/Fukuka) and Ryokan (Yufu)

thx in advance
Hi, I went on my own solo trip to Kyushu last year too. In my opinion, 3 nights is already overkill in Kumamoto. And besides, the main attraction (Kumamoto Castle) is still under construction and won't be ready so soon, why not you explore other cities like Nagasaki or Kagoshima?
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