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Hi, I went on my own solo trip to Kyushu last year too. In my opinion, 3 nights is already overkill in Kumamoto. And besides, the main attraction (Kumamoto Castle) is still under construction and won't be ready so soon, why not you explore other cities like Nagasaki or Kagoshima?

its my first time visiting Kyushu region.

how many days u went for?
ya i did look at kagoshima.. but i dont really like keep changing hotels for 10n trips.. any suggestions? preferably 3 hotels stay max.

actually i can skip yufu..
my friend told me to max 3 nights in fukuoka as well..

take note 15th Kumamoto Kurashibito Festival Mizu Akari tentatively falls on 6 ~ 7 Oct 2018
thx for sharing this, didnt know that.

preferably going on the 5th till 14/15th/16th Oct.
still have hotels left..
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