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its my first time visiting Kyushu region.

how many days u went for?
ya i did look at kagoshima.. but i dont really like keep changing hotels for 10n trips.. any suggestions? preferably 3 hotels stay max.

actually i can skip yufu..
my friend told me to max 3 nights in fukuoka as well..

thx for sharing this, didnt know that.

preferably going on the 5th till 14/15th/16th Oct.
still have hotels left..
I went for 10 nights in total. Haha I visited quite a few cities actually.

In total I visited 5 cities. My travel went something like this.

Day 1: Touch down FUK. Depart to Beppu right away. Stay 1 night at Beppu
Day 2: Beppu to Fukuoka. Stay at Fukuoka.
Day 3 & 4: Fukuoka to Kagoshima. Stay 2 nights at Kagoshima
Day 5: Kagoshima to Kumamoto. Stay 1 night at Kumamoto.
Day 6/7/8: Kumamoto to Nagasaki. 3 Nights at Nagasaki.
Day 9 and 10: Back to Fukuoka. Stay 2 nights at Fukuoka.

Next day I depart from FUK back to Singapore. Let me dig out my itinerary for the exact places I visited if you are interested
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