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you not interested in southern kyushu? the nicer places should be there. fkk and nagasaki are not exactly exciting places. 5 nights is slightly long imo. i did 4 i think and i found it dull.

you can consider taking a 1hr shinkansen to hiroshima if you don't mind going out of kyushu. i kinda like chugoku better, miyajima and iwakuni are nice.

which places u use JR Pass or dont have at all?
wa seh... u stay so many places

yes, i am planning 10 - 11 nights.

any chance i can glance at your itinerary?

day 1 - 3 Kumamoto (3 Nights)
Day 4 - 5 Yufu (2 nights)
Day 6 - 10 Fukouka (5 Nights ? or split with Nagasaki?)

so what do u think?
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