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I have a pair that I only use for running.

I havent tried other brands but I find that this serves well for the purpose of having my Samsung Gear S3 watch stream music to my ears via bluetooth.

As I don't travel in public transport with this device, I have no experiences of drop-outs that I can relate to.

Despite that, here are some sharings:
1) Very small and sleek, alot of people don't notice it and tend to talk to you without realising.
2) I don't run more than 1 hour, therefore I can't comment on battery life. I keep them in the container when not using which charges it. So far I charge once every 1-2 weeks. (I don't run everyday).
3) Touch controls are quite useful as you don't need to press the earbuds which may cause the earbuds to be pushed further into your ears.
4) I haven't used it in extreme wet weather conditions so I can't comment on how weather resistant it is. Officially, it had no IPXX ratings but I believe there's at least some degree of resistance.
5) I do enjoy the music quality.

Also, don't use those Comply True Wireless foam tips. Its useless, uncomfortable, very shallow and disintegrates very fast.
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