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Just Checked, my OTP is till 21.09.2018
How? I think the OTP is meant for signing the agreement letter which the officer told me it's about 4-6 months whereas I need to make a 10% down payment.

There's a clause stated that OTP will expire 3 months from the date of option
If we do not exercise the option, HDB will forfeit our option fee.

So how?????

I am very puzzled with the HLE submission. Salaried applicant is 3 months payslips, self-employed needs lots of document(CBR, 12 months bank statements, Auditor report, etc). So long we are short of 1 document, we will not be able to submit the application. I had no choice but type letter using Microsoft Words then convert into PDF and submit to them as an attachment when I don't have that particular documents. I bet I will be receiving calls from HDB very soon
Think you call the officer to clarify will be better :p
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