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Iíve used comply tips with my Earin M-1 which is very comfortable and provides a better seal than silicone ones, but Iíve to agree with you that it disintegrates quite quickly and every 2-3 months have to order another set of 3 pairs from comply USA, and itís also not very cheap.

So Iíve already retired my Earins and now just AirPods and the E8 on rotation. The thing is if youíre solely on just comply tips, itís going to cost you quite a bit in the long run.
Are you referring to the TWS those mini flat flat Comply ear tips or the standard Isolation/Comfort Comply ear tips?

The horrible ones are the TWS Comply ear tips.
The good ones are the T200 and TS200 ones.

The above observations are my personal opinion as I own all those different ear tips from Comply and have tested on my E8.
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