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My grant application status 3 weeks since appointment is still "not received" :/
Mine only changed to "in process" after 4 weeks. That one also I think my case slightly complicated. I ever applied for BTO with an ex husband but we got separated even before we collected the keys. During selection with my current husb, officer told us that we can only receive half grant since Im second timer... imagine my panic...

Called my ex to rectify and he showed me some docs and proof that the prior grant was returned to them already... he even got his own place last year and was granted $75K grant. if im considered a second timer, he must also be a second timer what.. how come second timer can get up to 75k? if 75k is half grant, then what is the full grant? 150k?? Futhermore I was only an occupier then! My ex was the owner. Anyway i mailed and 'haunted' my officer. Finally she called last week to inform me that HDB have now changed me back to first timer... HENG....

Today HDB called again to say that they dont have copies of my IC to process the grant. I mailed them what they needed just now and they replied back saying that they will expedite the application. Hopefully can hear some good news in one to two weeks time....
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