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Btw kranji FCC is use machine for pushup situp
Bedok FCC also.

Can I check how many RT sessions I need to do?

I always thought total is 20 sessions but when I checked, the system in NS portal says I need to complete 18 sessions and that I have done 16 out of 18 sessions. At first, I thought it was because of the 2 Rt-IPPT sessions I taken and were not counted among the 16 sessions, but I counted the 'Current Window Attendance' record and the 2 RT-IPPT sessions were indeed among the 16 sessions already taken.
If you defaulted IPPT in the previous window, it is 20 sessions (the absolute max). Otherwise, its 20 - (no. of IPPT taken and failed/no. of IPT sessions completed) in the previous window. If your max is 18 this year, then I am assuming you took IPPT/IPT twice in the previous window.

RT-IPPT or IPT-IPPT sessions are counted in this number.
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