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i think you can find popular kyushu food in fukuoka/hakata

interesting fact about Kumamoto (probably other kyushu cities as well), their tap water is sourced from underground spring water. anyway please check again with hotel before you drink direct
usually whichever country i goes to.. i dont drink direct from tap..
even my previous trip in japan. i jus buy btl water and keep in hotel or jus lim beer all the way.

i have done with my hotels booking.
next is flights, sad SQ biz class only got waiting list left.. still thinking should i add one more day in japan

Kumamato (Kumamoto/Aso/Kagoshima) - 4 Nights
Yufuin - 2 Nights
Fukuoka (Fukuoka/Saga/Nagasaki/Beppu)- 4 Nights

this trip.. i quite like the hotel in Yufuin.
Yufuin Hotel Shuhokan - Japanese Western Room with Mount Yufu view and wagyu dinner + breakfast

Fukuoka am staying next to the JR Hakata station.
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