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Indeed it is very exciting & also nervous at the same time. Hahahaha... Omg, your CRM really burn you man. If I were you hor, I will tell them the CRM, "I miss your voice la. Why? I cannot call meh" 😂😂😂 your time will come very2 soon!! Just keep on being kiasu & login to my hdbpage. Hehehee! Good luck to you!!

Wah @Nur.Azie, congrats!! must be really exciting!! I check HDB page veryday, once in the morning once in the afternoon. Want to pester the officers also scared kena mark hahahaha. Previously when applying foor rental housing, I called almost everyday and got my rental house quite fast. I thought I could try the same this time but my CRM said, "Why are you calling almost everyday? We will call you if we have any updates, don't worry." From then on I tried not to call though I'm dying inside for answers hahahahahaha. Once in a while just drop a spicy email like "It has been a month without updates, hope to hear from you soon". And it actually works quite a fair bit.
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