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I went to 4 ID.. (2 walk in.. 2 is friends) so far... i feel friends one still gave me a better feeling. Those walk in or Facebook one.. somehow i feel many hidden cost behind. as they will try to push u place a deposit with them etc.. not very comfortable with that. If you want to have my friend ID contacts do PM me.. i can share with you.
true.. i went to 3 IDs, 1 of them is my friend.. 1 recommended from qanvast and 1 from fb ad.. the one from fb really CMI.. got no idea about almost everything and we had to tell him that the fridge will overlap the service yard door while he was drawing on the floor plan.. he was like 'oh ya' ..

didnt even tell us about screeding, electrical works, plumbing and just gave us a quotation just like that.. we had to walk back and ask him and he was like 'oh ya' again..

my friend was pretty straight with us and gave us a good price

while the one from qanvast was professional but aiya if wanna choose also let my friend earn right?

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