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Hi all,

Just wanted to share my ongoing story as well...

Some time back got loan from ah Long... 1 become 2, 2 become 3, now owe 6 ah Long money, ranging from $350 to $2k. Thing is, I havenít been able to clear my loans, some clear partially, most of them just keep deferring because either they no account or I not enough money to pay them their clear amount. All started from weekly trial loan with promises for bigger loan... sigh.

Coming to my breaking point because I canít afford to even defer them now. Searched for some help online and found this thread, thankfully there are many people who gone through the same as I did.

So from what I gather...

1) stop paying them, endure the harassment and eventually itíll go away?

2) report to police for any harassment and vandalism

3) inform NOK and company about the issue
- this one I find hardest to do because of the humiliation and stigma which comes with borrowing money from loansharks.

This coming Wednesday supposed to clear one of my loans, knowing the guy, most likely will ask me to defer. If I stop paying, he will be the first. What should I expect?
Since you read thru, then got to know first step if to make that police report. Close your bank account to prevent unnesscary transfer (remember if they use ur account you can be charged as runner already). You make want to get a cam to monitor ur corridor area. Inform nok and office. May want to private or close ur social media.

You will recieve spam calls and sms/ whatsapp. They will raised their voice scold valgur, scare you into paying. All they can do is to instil fear into you, and if they do they can continue to milk more money from you. Just block and ignore them. If they can't find you they will try contact ur nok and do the same thing. Block and ignore also. Once they know they can't milk more money from you, they will just move on to the next victim. And they cycle starts again.

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