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Omg that's so cool..... Pls do msg me the ID contact.. I haven sourced yet.. my parents home last time we used chew interior.. dunno if they still exist.. they did a good job too...
Just that I wont use wallpapers at all cos after service for wallpapers is bad anywhere...
I just need a ID who is not money-minded and pay attention to quality.. if they provide good quality I don't mind paying more.. simple as that. My biggest important will be for my bedroom which I gonna merge with another room and have a movie room kinda thing inside itself with walk-in wardrobe... so im gonna spend the bulk for it.. for all, like kitchenand all simple cabinets is enough..

I have lots of photos taken from FB for ideas... so Its easier for the ID to visualize and quote

Chew interior had separated. Now they call DC Vision / AC vision. which also one of my shortlisted ID at first.. but after meeting i feel they arent honest enough and abit pushy to ask you put deposit to secure the quote.(which i dont like) furthermore my friend from YIS Living really gives me a better quote and his WOW service to drive you in JB to buy cheap stuff is a plus point.
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