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I think the scars will be there for life. When I was inside, i saw some inmates use the towel to cover their backside arethose who have the scars. very obvious.

And there was one who went for caning, come back still can sit on the butt, jump here jump there, smile and laugh as tough no pain at all. Dunno is act gungho or really now the caning standard drop
Acting skills must be tip top and sibei gao lun. Even when I tried not to show too much expression, the tears still flowed, no way to control. The scars stay with you for life, physically and mentally.
I am trying very hard to stay out of trouble now, following instructions given by IO to the word. I donít want to go in again man. But if the LS push me too much, and if I catch the runner (innocent or not), very hard to guarantee anything. I just hope that day wonít come.
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