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Come... If I can help, sure will furnish you with the answers

We went there for about a year (in Perth). My youngest was only 2 months old then. Life there very relax. Things very expensive. High salary. Min salary for 18 and below is AUD$18/hr and for 21 and above is AUD$21/hour if not wrong(legal supermarket rates). This is one of the reason why things are very expensive there. Pork very smelly (sorry cos we eat all kinda meats). Chicken very big but dun have the chicken taste. Vegetables very fresh and cheap. Beef also very cheap. Carpark at shopping malls are mostly open air except for those in town area. We rent a house with 6 rooms(the so-called Ang Mo house with garden, patio, orange trees and grapes) for AUD$420/wk. I actually enrolled my eldest into their Primary school which will cost us about 5K per year (excluding things like books, etc....) People wise ..... those with big big flag outside their house, never ever go near them. We met many Chinese there. Quite friendly. 40% of the population are Asian.

My personal encounter at the shopping mall while parking car(cars so cheap... bought my Toyota Torago for 4k and sold for 2K), the ang mo very impatience, gave me that Walaua face. So I smiled back at her and purposely moved in and out of the parking lot for at least 7 times.
Perth ah.. I been there before.. to be honest its the most expensive city in aus cos its like so ulu there.. hehe... u shud try maybe Sydney or so? u know if u give birth there every month govt gives u $800 for each kid
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