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It's so quiet there, filled with old people, many handicap parking lots. Sun rise at 5am and set at 5pm. Now still not too bad, at least the malls are opened till 10pm(Mon to Fri), Saturday half day and Sunday some are closed. Easy access to supermarkets too. We chose Perth because sister in-law is there for many years and it's nearest to Singapore. Reason why we are back is also because of the kids. They couldn't get use to the weather there. Highest at 40 degree and lowest at 1 degree. They took turns to have nose bleeding , sick, etc..... We ended up packed back and landed back here. After being outside for a while, we still find home safer and comfortable. Then again, we will go when the children are older to pursue their studies there(so relaxing). But this time we will go to either to Melbourne or Brisbane
YES Australia summer is really summer... my sibling came back for summer break when he studied there cos tooooooo hot ..
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