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Thanks for sharing.. i was looking around at taobao this few days too.. cheap is cheap.. but really also depends on luck.. what if the shipment come and has defact... I dont wanna risk lo.. i probably only will buy things from taobao for common toilet. Master one i will still giv ID do.. My Madam also suggested to buy sofa from Taobao.. then i ask her back.. if come got one hole how? u send back ah pay another shipping fee? LOL
If you buy from Taobao thru EzBuy, any defect, they will either replace it or refund you. So far I had and have been buying using this method. Sometimes also received defective or damaged items. Take pics, write to Ezbuy and leave it to them to handle. Sometimes shortage of certain spare parts, they will also talk to taobao seller to ship the items back. So far so good.
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