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Ya lo.. jiu shi have this sort of trouble as and when.. so dont dare to buy big item from there.. somemore ezbuy not all item is PRIME Item..
I realized that Prime item is more expensive compare with buy-for-me if from the same shop. I sign up for Prime last April and membership expired this year April. Since am not buying bulky stuffs now, I will not re-new the membership. My advise is never ever buy cabinet, bed, etc... with wood material. If you really like it very much and it's so much cheaper compare with shops in Singapore, then you have to have the proper tools or engage someone to assemble for you. We ever bought a TV console from them, me and hub use manual tools and it was out..... lasted for about 5 months and it finally collapsed.

We bought 3 metal super single bed frames for our girls. So far so good. Metal items easier to fix. They have been sleeping on it for 3 years. We also bought office chairs (those really very comfy type) from Ezbuy which cost us about $40 per piece which I think it's very worth it. Really very much depends on luck and items you need to buy.
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