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Hey guys, I’m traveling in November and I’m thinking to make a day trip to Hakone. Should i go both Hakone and lake Kawaguchiko or just stick to Hakone? If going both places I will stay a night in Hakone and day trip to lake Kawaguchiko the next day (and head back Tokyo that night)
Is this a normal route or ppl usually just choose a place to go? Thanks!
Hakone needs one full day to appreciate fully.
If you have time, stop by Gora park and have tea in Cafe Pic overlooking the fountain.
It is very pretty and relaxing!
I have been to Hakone twice and enjoyed myself on both occasions.

The Fuji side ie Kawaguchiko needs another day.
And if you plan to shop at Gotemba, you should add another half a day too!
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