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Below is my Dec itineraries. I have already booked my hotel and realise I have some problem with the transport since we don't intend to drive. May I ask some expert here.

Day 1 Tokyo (Haneda airport)
Day 2 Kawaguchiko
Day 3 Kawaguchiko
Day 4 Karuizawa
Day 5 Karuizawa
Day 6 Tokyo
Day 7 Tokyo
Day 8 Tokyo
Day 9 Home Sweet Home

Tokyo Haneda -> Kawaguchiko (by airport express bus)
Kawaguchiko -> Karuizawa (by JR bus then Shinkansen at Tokyo)
Karuizawa -> Tokyo (by Shinkansen again)

May I know such arrangement, what kind of transport pass should I get?
Day 4-6 use Tokyo Wide Pass. Bus fare pay on your own and use the Pass when taking the trains to Karuizawa and back to Tokyo.
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