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thanks for the tips... then I think U shape better for me.. My main idea for the house is merge 2 bedrooms and try to have a swivel TV... so can watch from both sides... the other side will be a mini sofa/ wardrobes to store bags and clothes... the bed side will be mainly bed... something like that... hope the ID will do a good job..whoever I get.. cos living room/toilet/kitchen not too important to look nice cos for me I spend most time inside room admiring my bags and climbing up and ladder to sort it

L-shaped wardrobe depends on how long you gonna do lo.. normally if u doing for Masterbed room should be 5ft+3ft or 6ft+3ft which will cost about 3k.

at first i wanna do L too.. but end up i did U-shape(like a walk in wardrobe).. so centre part can be a dressing table. But then do like that will make your room looks very small, which doesnt matter to us. cos what we need is storage spaces.
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