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thanks for the tips... then I think U shape better for me.. My main idea for the house is merge 2 bedrooms and try to have a swivel TV... so can watch from both sides... the other side will be a mini sofa/ wardrobes to store bags and clothes... the bed side will be mainly bed... something like that... hope the ID will do a good job..whoever I get.. cos living room/toilet/kitchen not too important to look nice cos for me I spend most time inside room admiring my bags and climbing up and ladder to sort it
Walk in wardrobe so cool. My house too many ppl, too many children. Can never fulfill my wish

Like I mentioned earlier, my custom made 6'ft wardrobe cost me $1320(4 doors with up and down all can hang clothes). I saw some ready made wardrobe from FortyTwo (Singapore online shop) which are quite cheap and they can assemble for us too. Maybe I will get those for the girls if the price different is by hundreds. If only can save a bit (less than a hundred then I will get ID to made for us)
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