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Anyone encountered this before? Got outbidded for a SBF exercise but was allocated a queue number (ie. queue no 3xx out of 2xx units available) and was subsequently scheduled an appointment by HDB? Will HDB take in appeal for a non-count in such instance if you missed the appointment because the units were at low level (ie. level 2)? Anyone appealed successfully before?
If not wrong, so long they give you a chance to chose the unit and you don't, it will be consider 1 chance taken. Depends on whether are you a 1st or 2nd timer.

1st timer - 2 chances. If both chances also never chose the unit, status will be changed to becoming a 2nd timer.
2nd timer - 2 chances give too but 1st timer privileges taken away.

from HDB website
Application restrictions for rejecting a BTO/ SBF flat
To manage repeated non-selection of flats by first-timers, please note that:

Those who were invited to select a flat but did not do so, will have their previous unsuccessful applications set to 0
Should an applicant reject 2 chances to select a flat, any and all first-timer privileges will be removed for a period of 1 year. Any flat applications made during this period will be placed together with second-timer applicants, and no additional ballot chances are given

here's the link
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