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Hi, that's what I plan initially but it can't be use at Kawaguchiko and Tokyo...
Am looking at the 7 Days national JR pass as well. Which will be a better fit for my itineraries, Tokyo Wide Pass or 7 Days national JR pass.
Pardon me for my ignorant, there's too many transport passes in Japan, I read till

Kawaguchiko : fuji-q highland, Gotemba premiun outlet
Karuizawa : Jigokudani Monkey Park, Karuizawa ski resort
Tokyo : DisneySea, Senso-ji temple, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Tsukiji Fish Market...
Did you look carefully at the service routes in the link I attached? You can use Tokyo Wide Pass from Kawaguchiko station and it covers Karuizawa station too. Within Tokyo, just use a Suica or Pasmo. It's like our ez-link card.

Gotemba Premium Outlets - take a bus from Kawaguchiko station.

But if you want to visit Nagano for the snow monkey park, you can consider JR East Pass but it won't cover your trips from Kawaguchiko station.
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