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My mum whatsapp-ed me a photo of a letter from HDB to me and spouse. I ask her to open...

"Application for Additional CPF Housing Grant

We have received your application for the AHG... We are processing... Outcome in six weeks time...."

But I was a bit curious cos I should be getting SHG too since I applied for non-mature area but no mention of SHG in the letter. I tried my luck and called my CRM.

She picked up right after the first ring! *must be anxious cos 2nd Monthsary coming up ba...*

I asked her why the letter did not state SHG when I thought SHG applies to non-mature area? She said the letter must be a general format... Not to worry, my SHG also in process.

"Roughly how long?"

"Oh, this will take months leh"

MONTHS. Well........
They stated 6 weeks in the letter?

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