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I am currently being harrassed by these scammers. I naively inquired for a loan but at the end I said I'm not interested anymore. But they go ahead and transfer money to my account and are now calling my office, NOK. Last night, they even sent an Indian worker to my home to take picture of my door. The Indian worker was trying to borrow money from him and he told him he will give him the money if he take the picture. I've filed a police report, closed my account, and block any number the LS is using. I am just worried for my family's safety.
There was mention here of an Anti Loanshark FB page. Anybody contact them and were they able to help? Any feedback would be appreciated.
I made an inquiry with SALC previously. They asked if I filed a police report then I told them not yet. Then they message me on my hp and gave me their office address but he said he will not meet me in the office but somewhere in a resto in Serangoon. They gave a quote of 250 sgd per LS and they need your sim and they will communicate with the LS they say. I told him I cant coz I also use my number in my work so I cant just let him have my sim. It's true the charges are quite expensive so I just dropped it.
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