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You applied for sbf 2 years ago too?
I applied once at Jurong and then at Yishun. But both unit selection I did not attend.. I was banned for a year from taking part in any exercises.. I think the ban only lifted Aug or Sept 2017...

When nov sbf launched, I asked my spouse whether want to apply or not... He said no...want to wait for a few more years first... But I stubborn... I cannot tahan living with in laws so I applied quietly...

Checked HDB page and it turns out we were allocated a single digit ballot num.. So no choice need to come clean with my husband... Hahahaha but he happy lah of cos..

Told him God give us opportunity so many times. Some people in other thread applied dunno how many times still no chance, not that they were choosy but really no chance. So now God give you such a ballot number... If still don't want to select unit then next time when no chance then don't complain already...
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