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I tried salc but they were very persistent abt hving my report n everything

First of all, we r threatened because ls has our address n stuff.. N we still have to send our personal stuff to them..?

If u try googling.. No testimonials frm anyone.

Nxt.. Of coz i heard the fees paid n they will guard our homes. But the last time they updated was along time ago n now its a page for ls to humiliate debtors..

I think its not quite right somewhere. Theres one social svc also collects 50bucks for running costs.

But salc is abit weird. Allowing ls to post is like assisting their harassment..
I think they need your report to make sure that you're not an undercover ah long who wants to find out how they do what they do. But it's still a data compromise. And this whole thing has never been about loans or money or debt. It's about data theft and the collateral is your fear. I also wouldn't want to give my personal details to a faceless committee who praise themselves on a measly Facebook page. Not even a legit website.

I haven't seen their page, but I wouldn't lose sleep over having my personal details on there. Social media is a self policing platform and I'm sure people have stopped taking Facebook seriously since like 2012. If you free, you should go to all the comments and glorify those people who have their details posted up for standing up to criminals. I'm like 90% sure there are bots that can do this so you don't have to use your personal account, but this is a topic for another time and place.

I haven't figured out why they need your SIM card like someone said before. The only reason you would need it is if you wanted to use the number. And the only reason you would want to use the number is if you wanted to assume that person's identity. Do they ask to hand over the physical SIM card? In which case, if they really need to hijack your identity, they are not only sneaky, they are also uncles. Because nowadays if you want to scramble your outgoing number, you can easily download an app, no need physical SIM card. The ah longs are doing this already.

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