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Yesterday night rank with some unknown... 4 matches, 2 win 2 lose.... tio a super bloody noob loilita.... haixxxxxxxxxx

Why rank game, all want MM, and when they are playing poorly, they will start cursing the whole world. And in the first place, their WR is below 40% for that hero. LOL
All want mm but cannot even farm, then say tank noob. Tanks die because you guys bloody cant do damage!! Please learn to farm properly before you play mm.

Now sick and tired to tank while soloQ. But even if I play assassin, I get tanks like Balmond and mm on team. I was killing spree with Nata and pushed top lane myself, but my team let enemy Lesley godlike. They took Lord after I died then lose.

Last match won as Helcurt MVP only because enemy team also noob. My S5 don't want to pick tank then go pick Nana, so our only tank is CHOU (heng he is good!!). S4 pick Lesley. Both feed in bottom lane. Only won because I eat their Bruno and saber 2-3 times each before 5 min mark. If not our team comp confirm lose until pants drop.
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