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In this case can lay the whole house with wood looking tiles right? Then it will be so much cheap. For me, so long it's cheap and not slippery will do. But a big no no to laminated flooring cos my house is mostly wet. I am using my friend as the ID for my new house. Previously asked her to design and built a study room for us, she did a great job. This one I kept texting her, I think she too busy and no time to entertain me. So sad... So many things wanna ask her, but don't dare and cannot get an answer. Maybe also because my house will come later (2 years time).

Saw this on google. Should I get the company to do flooring for us directly or go thru ID?
Ya this is the one.. I'm going to lay whole house with this..
If you getting id for your renovation.. can ask them for this? If get own contractor, u need to supervise
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