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Just talked to a fren who got his keys recently. He shared that he spent 25k on what most IDs quoted as 30-35k. He sourced most things individually. With an ID, you can receive updates with photos thru whatsapp. Without ID, own self update by being there physically. But he did complained that it was tiring as compared to when his parents reno their house thru an ID previously.

I really have no idea how reno works nor their market price...
U got it right... u engage contractor.. buy your own things.. u can save 5-10k easily.. but then.. u got so much time anot? plan and buy things all by yourself.. everyday go there monitor..

and hor... Contractor cannot provide you reno loan.. can la.. take the quotation for apply yourself.. not like ID normally got banker ready for you. if you get ID do.. u see not right.. u bang table.. u buy and do yourself.. u bang yourself wor...
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