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Every week, we are committed to serve you with useful and important tips about web development and graphic for every HWZone forumers! We strongly feel that designing is an exclusive art and its part of our social responsibility to share it to everybody and create a strong awareness about it.

Basically, Wordpress is one of the free and popular CMS tool that started off as a blogging platform 14 years back but it has more functionalities. Therefore, this week’s tutorial will give you an insight about its features:

1. There’s no equally popular CMS.

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the Web and about 30% of all existing websites were built with its help. It is free, open source, intuitively understandable and there are thousands of WP eCommerce tutorials, so finding necessary information will be a child’s play.

2. There are hundreds of thousand themes for WordPress.

Since WP is an open source platform everyone can build a template for it. Just imagine how many themes were already created during last 14 years. Of course, only a part of them will fit for building an eCommerce website, but that will still be an enormously big number. You will have a really wide range to choose from.

3. There are a huge number of plugins for WordPress.

One of the reasons creating a website with WordPress is so convenient is the wide pool of different extensions that give you an opportunity to add almost any functionality possible. You just take any preferred template and add all the stuff you need via plugins.

4. Payments.

Really cool and pixel accurate themes are paid and there’s nothing you can do with it. Free templates are often nice too, but they have sufficiently reduced functionality and go without eye-catching stock photos you see in a demo. So, if you want a WordPress eCommerce website that will impress the visitor from the first sight you will have to pay for it.

5. Upgrade issues.

WordPress releases different upgrades frequently. Guys are trying their best to make your work with this CMS as smooth and easy as possible, but after some time it could piss you off. To make sure your eCommerce WordPress online store will work without any problems you will need to update all your functional and then customize if needed and that could take a lot of time.

Although Wordpress seems flawless, it does has compatibility problems. Sometimes things just don’t fit each other. It is true for humans and it is also true for WordPress templates and plugins. Some themes are not compatible with plugins which our you would like to install. Therefore, you will have to spend time looking for a fitting one. This is where we help our clients and provide our expertise in web and graphic designing.

Cant wait to create your own website or improve the existing one for your company?

Dont hesitate to drop us a mail with your website requirements for a FREE QUOTATION! No Obligations at all!

Please mail to
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