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These days no more SP + I believe, the withdrawal is per block of 1gb?
So if need to withdraw 3gb, must key in the code 3 times?
These days I see more of Happy Hours Extra, like free 1GB for the 5GB pack or free 2GB for the 10GB pack.

Yes, withdrawal per block, minimum for monthly is 500MB. You'll have the option to add-on packs if you need. Otherwise, just have to choose the (main) pack you want.

Let me go get the list and post here in a while...


The Data Packs:
FAT1 - RM15
FAT2 - RM25
FAT5 - RM30
FAT10 - RM50
FATW2 - RM10
FAT500 - RM12
* The numbers refer to the amount of data, like 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, etc.

I normally use the OneXOX app, and at the bottom of the list, there's a note that says deduction of data from the SP, so I normally just ignore the RM value.

The Add-Ons:
100MB - RM3
500MB - RM10
1GB - RM15
5GB - RM50

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