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for my recent trip, my cc exchange rate was better than my cash: 4.6 to 4.8
it depends you change from where la. If you change in PRC bank, SG currency is like valueless . Around 1 SGD to 4.6 RMB

If you change in SG, it is around 4.8xx

If you really want to change currency there, bring HKD along. At least you won't suffer so much exchange loss.

Still the best lobang is to swap BOC card (zao bao unionpay) up to 1600 sgd, 5% rebate
I paid when statement due (currency rate could go up or down to your fav) but with the 5% rebate. It is almost 1 SGD to 5.04 RMB assuming you settle the payment in RMB (need to change RMB from money changer)

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