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Thanks for sharing ... how long ago was your reno ?

Share with you all my real life experience.

For toilet, our design is something like this(below link). Basin sitting on top of the cabinet. I believe many ppl will chose this type of design. Looks nice and elegant. Guess what..... Water sip through into the vanity every time someone brushes their teeth or wash their hands. Sooner or later..... my vanity left with the box only without doors. Everything just rot inside. When washing the toilet, I have to shift out everything inside the vanity. Wash, wipe very dry then replace the items back. First few rounds very hardworking to repeat every step properly. Now I also become lazy to wash the the solid surface cos it's white in colour, will be yellowish with stain after a month. Unless you wipe dry every time the solid surface is wet.

For Kitchen. Our cutlery drawer (about 4 drawers in a row) is next to the basin. Guess what.... 1st drawer is badly damaged. Water sip through too. Next round when I design the kitchen cabinet, I will arrange the drawers far away from the basin.
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