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Hi, this is my 1st post. Just realised my helper has been borrowing money from 200 to 400 from various moneylenders (lesser licensed and many unlicensed) amounting to a total of about 5K. Police report has been made. I have confiscated her cell phone and switched off the mobile.

Unfortunately the LS have my contact and home address. I was told by the police though the total amount is huge but the amount borrowed individually is not a huge amount, the LS may not send a runner (paying them) to come and harass me as it is not worth. I am very worried.

I have contacted SALC and was quoted 250 per case and to give them my helper's phone. I do not know whether to contact the LS and pay up or not. Please please help me. Thank you every one.
per case $250 how many ahlong she owe u multiply ur self... u wanna fork out that amount? Like what everyone says in this post, change ur no, put cctv... licenced ones go settle... they can go ur house... but if u want go report moneylender association.. i dun think they are allow to loan to domestic worker.
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