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Hi, this is my 1st post. Just realised my helper has been borrowing money from 200 to 400 from various moneylenders (lesser licensed and many unlicensed) amounting to a total of about 5K. Police report has been made. I have confiscated her cell phone and switched off the mobile.

Unfortunately the LS have my contact and home address. I was told by the police though the total amount is huge but the amount borrowed individually is not a huge amount, the LS may not send a runner (paying them) to come and harass me as it is not worth. I am very worried.

I have contacted SALC and was quoted 250 per case and to give them my helper's phone. I do not know whether to contact the LS and pay up or not. Please please help me. Thank you every one.
Forget for a moment what the police say and take preventive measures to safeguard yourself and your property. Amount big or small not 100% means the loanshark will come to your house and splash paint and set fire. Change whichever mobile numbers you can, set up CCTV (if you want), and put a copy of the police report outside. It will deter some but not all of the debtors turned runners. After that, it's all a matter of praying that they don't come. But if they do, don't react to their threats, continue to turtle and eventually they will give up.

Also, SALC doesn't guarantee results for long term. I don't advise using them. The amount you pay SALC can use to buy dunno how many CCTV and clean up dunno how many times paint. Repair front door also can. lol
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