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I am so scared they will come my house and harass me non stop or splash paint etc. if u guys have a helper cannot let them have off days and cell phones.
sim lim square can get good cctv. got a few shops. about $350 for 4 cctv (1080 resolution if i can remember correctly), 1 recorder etc. haven't include monitor.

licensed moneylenders better pay. if never pay they will send debt collectors to your house.

how many LS did your maid borrow from? and each LS, what's the amount? my advice as per what others have said, dont pay, block their numbers, change your number and report police if there's any harassment. cos if you pay the LS, LS will find runners and pay them to do the dirty job. so technically you're paying the runners to harass you.

i think now LS will find it difficult to find runners to splash paint/write graffiti. cos if runners were to splash paint/write graffiti but you never pay, then it's not worth it. LS wont be so stupid to make a loss harassing you lol. runners they also know cameras are everywhere.

the harassment usually will be calls/sms/whatsapp/send mail/mcdelivery/kfc delivery. just tahan lor. no big deal for me already. my family kena quite a number of LS, now i see each call or sms i just block and take it as a pinch of salt. they are criminals and they are more afraid of us and after all they are also human beings.

so if any LS is reading this. just come lor, see how long you can last.

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