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I think they short of acct to let ppl loan or return?
Will the police inform bank to stop the account if its being reported?

I’m just wondering how much loan is considered big in their context? Also, I noticed the ones I deal can speak english well, not the typical ah bengs kind. When i first told them I’m jam with the repayments, they even offered a monthly loan provided I can clear at least near half of my loan. In the end, I got tricked again and again before I finally think its enough. Initially I thought ok I will take up the monthly loan so i can pay them monthly rather than every 3-7 days and they even offered table talks. Coz a loan is a loan and I want to repay at least the principal loan. But then, all of a sudden they asked me to open a new bank account or work with them and when I declined, they started all the threatenings. Now they are silent, so I’m afraid they might have something up their sleeves. Im gonna make police report later tonight. Very stressful and unfortunately I put myself in this and I have no one to share with until I saw this forum.
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