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I cannot relate I had fun with friends at siam diu before because unlike clubs, guys usually don’t disturb us. But still doesn’t mean I will go frequently

Or maybe I’m just a homebody
Cos Chiu Dun like many people
that is caller socializing with boss

i do had such friend in which hubby too engrossed in playing games which the point of no return for them

other than the morning greet, few messages n smses, they basically does not really communicate although my friend always wants her hub attention

it's a guy thing and although i didn't say that before but hearing from a friend that he did that occasionally to his wife

reason? after many years of marriage the wifes co trols him very tightly

has the wife being more reasonable i think he will be more straightforward

i do not mean that all ladies are being reasonable, but ask yourselves, will you be generous any years later from now compare when both of you still in yhe dating stages?

trust me when i say... human changes so as behaviours whether is good or bad
Wife control tighter is Becos she found out his lies? White lie + white lie = trust broken
Cos i quit my job before to play games so asking for more clarity on this part
Wa... Can't believe u did tat...

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