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By having gaming as one of the hobbies doesnít mean that the person do nothing much else other than gaming.

I know these guys through a game but doesnít mean that they do not have a life outside of it. Though my sample size might be small, but most or I should say all of them have a at least a decent job (IT, engineering, construction, finance... etc) and other hobbies. Some of them travel quite extensively, cook, do sports, audiophile, do housework etc.

Seriously, for those ladies who stereotype or judge just because of one single hobby of gaming, forget it. Some of these guys are also married, and with kids. They are adults, they know how to manage their time.

Ladies gotta change the thinking that they are more mature than men, and guys who games are kids.

I seriously didnít know that gaming can cause such bad impression
who cares? just as long as u're happy with wat u're doing...
their opinion counts for nothing unless they will take full responsibility for ur happiness such as companionship, sex, money, leisure activities
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