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Now starhub 1gb, no problem. Nowadays, too busy with kid, so not much time to be online and download like b4...
If there is no issue then continue to use or renew/recontract.

If you do plan to move house or relocation which there will be a charge, then continue as it is as there will not be any change in subscription after contract expired.
Once relocation just recontract/sign-up with free installation and no relocation charges.

Unless you want to renew/recontract to same 1Gbps where currently Starhub is giving free new Linksys router;
> [News] Starhub will be the world's first to offer Linksys' new EA8100 AC2600 router
Where you can keep the router as spare, give away or sell.
That's if current routers are still stable and fine.

As you are busy it is best to remain as it is... no change in plan as maybe renew/recontract on existing plan.
Any change in plan or ISP may have additional sets of problems as not sure it would be smooth or not.
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