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Nowadays work no need a room. Ppl like to show they very hardworking reply email via whatsapp aft office hrs... Din know they disturb other ppl de personal time...

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becos i am special . on a serious note, i need alot of documents, printing and various industries code of standards and price list, competitor documents and alot of skyping, test equipment box unit also in factory, so work from office is easier. even if i set up test equip from home, i need to instil insurances in case of power trip due to testing. too much nonsense liao.

Dun need a gamer to understand. Jus need someone who is understanding and hv their own thing to do too...

If gt family then game cannot be the major hobby le... If not wife/husband run baby mishandled... A few already on the news cos of negligence...

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a someone can only be as understanding if they do play games themselves. again it is a matter of perspective. to some, pc/tv game = waste of time. non constructive activity

To wash money??? Lol... Or drink is nicer there?

Ya cos they found love thru games... And hope gf n wife can be gamer then whole day play tgt. No one do hsework no one cares abt anything in real life.

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referring to back to ur answer,
Dun need a gamer to understand. Jus need someone who is understanding and hv their own thing to do too...
visiting a [type][place] can be a hobby, hence dun need a bar hopper to understand, just need them to be understanding.

Just find it unfair for my gaming friends.
Some of them are really good catch.
Oh well, they deserve better.
I am also good catch, i see myself deserve as much everyone else.
I can play almost all sorts of games, i can do kit modelling and coloring from scratch(making my own colormix), i can diy almost anything i need, i can cook almost anything like restaurant grade if i have the time

doesnt mean i entitle the " i should deserve better" #single
sometimes thats how it is; we have something, we lose something
己所不欲 勿施于人,己所欲 亦勿施于人
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