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put it this way, inorder to be understanding, u will need adequate knowledge of a topic. or the process to it.

hence u hv explain urself, that ur husband have no knowledge how a child behave. neither do i, until i read all about it. same goes for gaming. i can only explain to non gaming friends w words yet they simply cannot comprehen at all. becos they are not wired that way

same as how man may not comprehen why woman may hv the need to buy n burst their wardrobe and make up desk

u also hvae say, "dunno what kind of appliance can do that"
well, its not abt the is more on the experiment. my work involves weird request from end users. without my verification, they will still do it, so its better that i try it out myself lest news headline pop out. unless one manages to keep inquistive mind, they wun be able to be "understanding" while getting there they need the open mind to see the whole process to be understanding
OK den i ish bo chup...cannot Label myself understanding...
Jin sadded.... come in post and immediately kenna rejected..... Abandoning thread again!!
Since when u got panties??? Steal wife de??

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