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Check with the customer service, relocation charges are $60 and $120 for M1 and starhub respectively. there's a chance I might shift. but m1 got registration fee of $60.

Btw, there's a pc show in early Sep. Is there a chance the registration fee will be waived? Or got some freebies or promo during that time?
Would suggest to sign-up when you are moving to new flat.

Usually there would not have any waiver on relocation charges as this involved NetLink Trust & ISP.

Beside consideration on registration fee there is activation fee for new sign-up.
Either may be waived as this depend on promotion and ISP, but unlikely.

When my recontract was due and happened was ready to move to new flat soon.
What i did was recontract/sign-up to new flat as there are no additional charges, whatsoever.
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